Monday, August 26, 2013

Does Google Have Any Logic Like ZMOT For Ranking

Now a day I am felling that people are treating SEO like a religion whether its right or wrong no body think before doing. They just do only because they somewhere read that Matt Cutts or any other personality of google told to do like this. 

We all know that content is King but might be very few of us think on it why? We all also know that visitor engagement is the best practice in optimization or Digital Marketing and for it images and videos are the best. Now in this circumstances how content is king? 

One might reply that in content we use our keywords, but its not because we can also use our keywords in images and videos. In all tag, title tag or can place one or two like around image or video. 

This is not the single that are lots more. Every time people told to reduce errors of web pages but seen lots of web pages ranking very well even those have error in bulk and copied contents. It is error of google only. 

On not any thing like that my dear friend. From last several months I am experiencing that google is might adopting any logic which is somewhat similar to the ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth). Ya I am talking about the same logic which was adopted by P&G in 2005 for their marketing. There are lots of indications that indicate that there must be any set of logic google has which is very similar to ZMOT. 

Yet I have not any final conclusion. If you also think so please wright to me and helps me to go further to understand the googles current ranking logic. 
Allintitle Command - "allintitle:"
If you start your search quarry with "allintitle:", result will restrict to only those documents which contains that word(s) in the title. The quarry is written as allintitle:xys. Have a look on below pic.

There are more such commands which will be discussed later. 

Unknown facts of Hindu

To know the mean of Hindu one will have to deep in history.. Actually the culture of India or the origin of Indians are from the Sindhu Civilization and in Persian Sindhu is called Hindu. That's so why the sindhu (people of Sindhu Civilization) called Hindu. On the name of Hindu's the name of the country is Hindustan. It is not any community or any religion but the fact  it is citizenship. 

There is a very interesting fact behind this also. The British Colonial Government wanted to divide Hindustan in more then 500 parts and they also succeed at one period of time they divided India in more  then 500 parts in which East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan (now Pakistan). 

Knowing the fact of Hindu its very important to change the name of Hindustan by that they can easily divide our nation. So that the whole government made an uninhabitable labor and played a very nice politics and changed the name of our nation from Hindustan to India or Bharat. 

Now I think that all Indian understand the means of Hindu and can call themselves proudly that we are HINDU.