Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Competitors Analysis Using Google

Good Morning Friends. As promised yesterday I am here with you to discuss how can you analysis competitors using google. The commands that are given below helps you to find information about any site. 

Lets have a look on commands. 

Site Command - "site:"
The command restrict the search result to the site only.  This query is written as site:yoursite.com. Suppose you are looking for something in any site they you can place your keyword before site command as xyz site:yoursite.com.One example of site command is given in blow pic also. 

Cache Command - "cache:"
If you include "cache:" in your search query, google will show the version of the web page that Google has in its cache. For example cache:r-ranjan.blogspot.com

Link Command - "link:"
Link command will show you the back link of any site. However it will not show you all the back link but useful. The search query is written as link:yourdomail.com

Info Command - "info:"
The command will show you the information that google has about any webpage. The search query is written as info:yourdomain.com

On next edition I will discuss about the other search commands. These are not so useful for competitor analysis but useful too for SEO and online marketing. The edition will might come to you on this Saturday. By that we let up this edition.Goodbye and good day.

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