Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Is There Any Potentiality Of Seo Now A Day

In recent days I seen lots of rummer online that google moving towards to kill SEO. Not so but ya I can conform now a day seo is not the same as in past years and google is trying to make SEO harder and harder in real practice. 

when you will look at the updates on google in recent past one thing is very common in every update that they wants to clean all those sites which get easily ranking in search engine by just following some small steps. 

Back to 2011 when Panda was first intruded. The main concern of this update is to filter spamy contents form their SERPs. By that time people use to make a site with unique contents for just 6 months and once when they get adsense approval, started coping any once article or blog and post in their site by this they may have higher density of keywords and regular update of site without any much effort and also they have good information content easily. 

Now with this update this kind of site started consider as spamy site and no longer could rank well in google SERP. This make huge change in fake or useless click of adsense click (google display network adds.)

Again in April 2012, Penguin among us now. For the second time all those sites targeted in google SERP those got rank by just posting articles, blogs or by other simple efforts. This time again google aimed those sites who use google adsense to generate income.

This is not just one or two. I also read that regularly sharing the same url in Social sites is also not good now (again the same targated low quality seo efforts and sites)

I am not going to make this blog any long all the update form 2011 onward are targeted to all those sites which get easily rank and use adsense to make revenue. By these steps google succeed in maintaining high ROI to their Adword investors. But the internal truth is that every action has side effect for sure whether its miner or major. So with the same both of the major algorithm updates of google sites with real business also got effected. 

Now the conclusion is that there is not any shortcut or any easy method life before to rank in google. Now will have to make a proper strategy and will have to use sensible all the available sources to generate traffic. The last one but not least have to consecrate on the real time user experience on our site. 

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