Monday, September 16, 2013

How to Rank Better to Increase Visibility in Google

We daily spend hours and hours in thinking, reading and researching about how to make batter visibility of our site in google but no one has the perfect answer. One whose site is ranking well can say that he has knowledge how to. Not necessarily, very few of us have good understanding about ranking factors or might be non of us have knowledge about Ranking, he/she might be success, might be site ranking very well. I read some where that a SEO is reporting that he was following google's guideline for last 8 years and in starting did a bit of spammy work but for last several years only doing what google recommended. Even in those condition he lost his ranking. Now again the question is same, how to make visibility better?

Well! When I was trying to dig out the answer, my mid quickly remembered Prof.Theodore Levitt of Harvard Business School. He introduced a term "Marketing Myopia" in 1960. The "Marketing Myopia" is a term which refer to the situation where marketer only concentrate selling not on society and consumer.

According to Prof.Theodore Levitt, Marketing Myopia is a short sighted view and inward looking approach, where companies only needs of company.Whereas the right step is to define the company and its product in terms of customer need.

With this I'm wrapping up this edition and in my next edition will try to find out how to get rid of the 'Myopia'.

Till then good night, keep enjoying SEO. 

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