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Rahul Ranjan
Rahul Ranjan
The word “content” means brief. The main thing is that content is the brief description of that particular thing. There is growing demand of website content writer every day. That is because of the only simple reason, good content often converted into revenues for online businesses. Revenue is the biggest matter in the present but beside this by a good content you, your website, your product, can easily reach to vast magnitude of people. As a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) it helps you to increase your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) position and to increase PR (Page Rank) also.
Think little like a SEO there is two kind of optimization 
  1. On Page Optimization.
  2. Off Page Optimization.
In on page optimization, optimizer use to correct his content and keep his mind in good keyword density, clouding, proxy, good relevant description of  page,  relevant title, looks & fill, and more.
And in off page optimization, optimizer used to post Articles, PR (Press Releases), Blog Posting etc. For all the above mentioned activities you have good content or one can say good content writer. It is really a majestic thing for SEO.

I used to write on any topic from my childhood. And I felt that I’m little crazy about writing, it’s my hobby.  I had written a Hindi story “ROHINI” when I was about 13 or 14. The story is not published any were yet. This story is written about a poor middle class family girl who often dreamed of a very rich and famous personality. But she could not get success as she dreamed to be. Nevertheless she is very intelligent meritorious and hard working also. Day after day her situation became worsens now she had no any option rather than begging. But a good thing is that she nerve forgets to write her day to day activity in her dairy. One day she was begging at foot path, a very long car passed by her. Suddenly the car stopped some distance to her; she saw a very charming and beautiful girl came out of the car and walk to a book library. The girl purchased a book of Autobiography. Somebody told her what Autobiography mean. Than she thought if her diary become book than she got some money to decorate her dream again. She worked hard to convert the diary into a book. One day she succeed to convert into a book, after publishing the book, suddenly all the things changed, she is now very famous and rich also.
I don’t know after reading this story any of you get inspiration from it or not but I’m so much inspired from my own writing. And now writing is my hobby. And I decided to use my hobby as a source of income. For this content writing is one of the best option. So I decided to write content. But for the part time because I’m a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) and trying to make my career as a market analyzer and advertisement expert. 
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