Thursday, October 6, 2011

A New Member In My Family

It’s not long since i met a new friend. A friend who doesn't understand my language, neither I have any idea what she says but a bond of love is there between us in just few months. A bond that every relation requires....

It’s just the second day of March of the year, I have no affection neither had any love for pets but that day dad bring a new member to the family. A puppy to her own home with a cute and lovely smile on her face. At start it wasn't so happy days for me as I had no affection for pets. I used to fear of the bitch more than lot. Every time it seems to me that she is behind me to bite as a human nature I'm not able to understand the love of others towards me. But that fear wasn't going to stay for long, with the passes of time my feeling toward pets changed and I too started loving the bitch and had affection and feeling for her.

It's now almost 8 months but all it seem to me as if she came to home just last day. With the passes of time a fear is always there in me that never the day come that there will be even a single day gap between us and the my love grows for her with the end of each day.

Relation needs a trust and bond of love. Which neither the words nor the action can explain.

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